You've been putting it off for 42 years, but it's time to bite the bullet. You message your photographer and book your long-overdue family session. Then the panic sets in.

What do we wear?!? Where do we go? What if the baby is fussy? What if it rains? What if the kids are being turds and won't cooperate? What if my husband is grumpy and wants nothing to do with pictures? WHAT IF?!?

Not gonna lie...sometimes family photos can seem daunting and overwhelming. But, lucky for you, I'm here to help. Here are my top tips for a stress-free session!

  1. Outfits - coordinate, don't match. I suggest choosing 2-3 colors that look nice together (keep in mind the time of year and your location - jewel tones look great in any season, pastels are beautiful for spring, etc.), along with 1-2 neutral colors. Try to bring movement and texture into your wardrobe - think dresses, oversized sweaters, velvet, corduroy, and satin. Accessories like hats, scarves, vests, and statement jewelry pieces can add another great dimension to your photos. I also offer wardrobe consultations free of charge when you book, and provide an outfit guide to make choosing your outfits easy! Lastly, don't wait until the day of to try your outfits on - be sure everything fits ahead of time to avoid any last-minute issues.
  2. Kids - you've invested a lot of time and money into your session, so what if the kids won't cooperate? In my experience, kids will be kids. There will likely be moments when the kids get a little wild. They might be shy. They might be tired or hungry and not want anything to do with pictures. But, guess what? I'm prepared. Let me work my magic, and don't stress. Just be in the moment, let it happen, and don't let it ruin your experience - trust that I know what I'm doing and can deliver beautiful images!
  3. More on the subject of kids - keep in mind nap times and meal times when you schedule your session. You cannot reason with a baby or toddler. They don't care that it's picture time if they are tired or hungry. Schedule your session when your kiddo is happiest. If your session is scheduled for later in the day at sunset, try for a late nap time so your child can stay up a little longer than usual.
  4. The often a pain. I can't control it, and it's often hard to predict. So, what if the day of your session comes along and it's super hot/windy/rainy/cold? Don't worry. I will communicate with you leading up to your appointment and let you know if the weather conditions are not conducive to a successful session. If you're concerned about rescheduling your outdoor session due to poor weather because it's the ONE day the whole family is together, don't worry! I have a beautiful studio space we can always use!
  5. HAVE FUN! If you are stressed out because things aren't going perfectly, it will show. You will be upset, your significant other will be upset, and the kids will be upset. Come to your session with the expectation that you will have a great time - things will go wrong, but everyone will laugh and have a great experience. Make those memories, let life happen, and book that session!

In short, prep what you can, and let the rest happen. Trust that I have your back and will deliver beautiful, timeless images that will bring you a smile for years to come.