Take the photos.

Summer is flying by (at least it is at my house), and, like every year before, you'll be faced with the choice of booking your own photo session or holding off for next year, for when you have more expendable money, for when you've lost weight, or for the millions of other reasons you might have NOT to book.

But, I am here to tell you to book the session and take the photos. It's important - for both you and your children.

Here's why.

Change - It's an inevitability in life, and it's always happening with everything, including your family. Especially when they're younger, kids seem to change overnight. From chubby cheeks and thighs, to freckles and long, lanky legs with bruised knees, your kids are constantly growing and changing. Taking regular photos documents all of these changes and saves them for you to remember. For them to remember. It is so fun to look at all of your photos from when the kids were young to when they are grown and see all of the changes they went through, details you might otherwise lose to time.

History - Photographs help not only to preserve details, but also to tell your story. Photos help your children see their past and help connect their history to their own story. I really believe that knowing where you come from gives you a greater sense of self. I remember my grandfather giving me a box of old photographs he found while cleaning out my great-grandmother's house after she passed away. I was floored. It was more than a box of old paper. It was a key to another time and place, a glimpse into the lives of people who up until then were strangers. But they were family. I looked at each photograph so closely, looking at each person's face and recognizing a nose, a jawline. Their clothes, their homes. It was like the box held a key to some strange, mystical world. It connected me to a part of me that had been lost up until then. This is part of the magic of photography. They are SO much more than photographs - they are heirlooms that preserve and tell your story.

Regret - Many people would classify photos as unnecessary, nonessential. But they ARE a necessity and should be made a priority. I can promise you that you will never regret having professional photos. The more, the better. Imagine yourself as an 85 year old, sitting in your quiet house, and you pull out the old photo albums. Memories will come flooding back - memories of the days when your children, who are now grown with children of their own, were babies, when days were so long and filled with diaper changes and baby smiles. Memories of when your kids were older, and you can hear their little laughs when you look at the photos of them playing. Memories of your daughter's wedding day - the nerves, the tears, and the joy, the promise of a new future, the start of something beautiful. You will never regret having these memories for yourself to enjoy, for your kids, and your grandchildren to treasure. I promise that you will regret not having them, though. Once time has passed, you can't get it back. But with photos you can relive those special moments as often as you'd like, with as many people as you'd like.

So, do the thing. Book the session. Book more than one a year. Don't wait. Time keeps passing, everything changes, and the longer you wait, the more you and your family are missing out on.